you in song ;)

by : jason reeves

trying to figure out which i want this to go . do i want it to be happy or sad or fast or slow ?
trying to work it out just what it is i feel . do i wanna rock you , shock you , soothe you , or move you ?
i just wanna write you in a song , put your smile on paper so you can sing along
i just wanna bottle the sun , keep your light a secret i can find when you are gone .
you are like a beautiful tree , with roots in the ground so deep they could never be seen .
i'm a leaf that's ready to fall
and the wind's gonna blow me someday away from it all .
most people when they can't get away , or makes them more than a little crazy
well i'm the one that can never stay , but i'll always have you with me in this song .

if i can write something special , i wanna write something just like this . write about our special story .
how we were used to be ,

i wanna tell you how i feel . we know what we are but not what we may be .
i wanna go , forget everything about our past .
but still i keep coming back .

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