Assalamualaikum :)

Starting time : 8.30 pm
Name : Farah Adlin / Fafa
Eye color : Dark brown
Shoe size : 4 / 5 *Depends on shape
Hair : Original black
Piercing : I don't have it :)
What are you wearing right now : Track and red shirt .
Height : 145 cm *i'm shorty
Wherw do you live : Kuala Lumpur
Favorite number : 1 and 4
Favorite drink : Hmm I don't care ^_^
Favorite Month : Of course November .
Favorite Breakfast : I don't eat anything for my breakfast .

Broken a bone : Not at all (!)
Been in a police car : Not at all (!)
Fallen for a friend : Always , I do
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : Absolutely every I get fall in love .
Swam in the ocean : I can't swim :( So badly
Fallen asleep in school : Every single time , I will dream of my bed .
Broken someone's heart : Yes I do , a few years ago :( I'm sorry
Cried when someone die : Yes (!) I cried coz I love them .
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Yes (!) *sampai tetido pon pernah
Save e-mails : What can I do with that ? Nonsense
Been cheated on : I don't think so

Your room look like : Its so sweet , thanks to my mom .
What is right beside you : Phone :)
What is the last thing you ate : Cekodok bawang :DD

who did you last yell at : My sister
Who was the last person you danced with : With bump and yana
Who last made you smile : He was my Mr. Frog .

What are you listening to right now : Crazy frog song at astro ria .
WHat did you do today : Online , chat , online , chat , online and so on
Are you the oldest : Nope , I'm the second
Indoors or outdoors : Indoors (!)

Talk to someone you like : Nope :(
Kiss anyone : My cat *Junior
Sing : All day long
Miss someone : Yes , thats him .
Eat : Only for a once *tak lapaa

You talked to on the phone : Mr.Frog
Made you cry : Absolutely my ex-boy .
You went to the mall with : My lovely F family .
Who cheered you up : My lovely F family too . I love them so much

Been to Mexico : Not yet *Someday
Been to USA : Not yet .

Have a crush on someone : Yes I do
What books are you reading right now : I don't start it yet .
Best feeling in the world : Love
Future kids name : I won't think about it .
Do you sleep with stuffed animal : Yes before this but now I don't
What's under you bed : I don't know ,
Favorite sports : Hmm Football *Liverpool yeah
Favorite place : Anywhere
Who do you really hate : Fake people (!)
Do you have a job : Part-timer photographer .
What time is it now : 9.00 pm .

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